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“We have shamelessly stolen the best of the best from the best and then made it better. This album is our third and is by far the best we’ve ever made. Its name is “Repeat Until Death”. And that´s a fact,” says Feffe, one of two guitarists / vocalists of Sweden’s BOMBUS. Their sensational heavy rock kicked butt already on 2014’s “The Poet And The Parrot” due to its rousing mix of Motörhead, Sabbath, Mastodon, and Scandinavian punk in the Turbonegro vein, but got expanded and improved on “Repeat Until Death”. Having already conquered the masses on tours with Clutch, Monster Magnet or as headlining act, “Repeat Until Death” profits from such experiences and significantly ups the ante with its increased dose of infective, fist-pumping hooks, higher tempo variation, and catchy melodies. Driving guitar rhythms, explosive drum rolls, and thumping bass lines plus the amazing vocal harmonies of frontmen Feffe and Matte make one thing crystal clear: This is killer heavy rock with metallic force, and a punkish spirit. A real band that deserves massive attention and certainly does not lack self-confidence – check them out!


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BOMBUS - Repeat Until Death * LP + CD *

BOMBUS - Repeat Until Death * LP + CD *

Black vinyl + CD

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